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We are committed to making an impact on our society by insuring proper nutrition for children and families.  Proper nutrition in childhood can reinforce lifelong eating habits that contribute to your children's overall well being and help them to grow up to their full potential and a healthy life.  We are here to help you and your children live happy and healthy lives through nutrition and education.

We hope you will enjoy the site, make new friends, and begin to make positive changes in your families' lives.


FREE $$ REIMBURSEMENT FOR FOOD COSTS!! Join the Love Little Children Child Care Food Program
The Child Care Food Program began over thirty years ago as part of the School Lunch Program.  It is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture.  The Food Program is made available to childcare homes through non-profit organizations called Sponsors.  Love Little Children, Inc. is a Food Program Sponsor that currently serves, but is not limited to:

- The greater Sacramento area, California
- The greater San Francisco Bay Area, California

To join the food program, click on the link below:

There are four easy steps to join Love Little Children, Inc.’s Food Program.


News: Curried Chicken Salad Pitas

6 Tbsp     Sour cream or plain yogurt
1/4 cup    Mayonnaise
1 Tbsp     Curry powder
2 cups     Chicken breast, cooked, chopped
1/2 cup    Celery, chopped
1/2 cup    Pear, chopped or grapes
1/2 cup    Dried cranberries
1/4 cup    Almonds, sliced and toasted
4 each     Whole wheat pita breads, cut in half
1 cup       Baby Spinach

1)  Combine sour cream and mayonnnaise with curry powder in a large bowl.
2)  Add chicken, celery, fruit and nuts, tossing to combine.
3)  Fill each pita with chicken salad and top with spinach leaves.

Yeild:  4 servings

Meets requirement for fruit/vegetable, bread/grains and protein/meal alternate.

Posted by nadia on Tuesday, July 24 @ 09:41:36 MST (4502 reads)
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News: Recent Legislation Promotes Healthy Beverages in Child Care

AB 2084, the Healthy Beverages in Child Care Act, took effect January 1, 2012 and applies to all licensed child care homes and centers in California.  The new healthy beverages standards require:

1)  Clean and safe drinking water must be readily available throughout the day, including at all meals, snacks and play times.

2)  Only fat-free or low-fat (1%) unsweetened, plain milk for children two years of age or older.

3)  No more than one serving per day of 100% juice.

4)  Beverages with added sweeteners, either natural or artificial, are prohibited (not including infant formula or complete balanced nutritional products designed for children).

Posted by nadia on Tuesday, July 24 @ 09:29:29 MST (5415 reads)
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News: Parenting Tips

Family Time It is very important to talk with your children. Talk about the importance of healthy eating. Cook with them and prepare healthy meals and snacks. Make some time for “family time”.  Instead of watching TV, make family time more meaningful by preparing, cooking, eating and enjoying healthy foods together. You are your child’s example. If you are not going to eat the healthy foods that you suggest they eat, they will not eat them either. Enjoy eating healthy meals together.
Posted by admin on Friday, November 17 @ 22:41:21 MST (4676 reads)
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"To feed kids healthy and nutritious meals is a big responsibility. After joining the Love Little Children Food Program I can boldly say that I can take this responsibility and provide healthy and nutritious meals to kids in my care. Thank you LLC!"
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